Fire Champs- providing Fire Safety Services across India

Fire is one of the most greatest discovery by mankind. We use fire multiple times in our day-to-day life. We cook food, generate heat, light and electricity with help of fire. It helps in manufacturing, reshape and finish several metals, woods, and ores. However the same fire can bring disaster to mankind if ignored or neglected. Therefore we need to stay prepared in case of emergency situation. And Fire fighting equipment can be our best friends in such situations to fight fire.

That’s why we at FireChamps– by Kalpesh Fire would introduce ourselves as one of the fire fighting services providing company located our head office in Airoli and branch office in Pune providing Fire Safety services across India. Apart from supplying and servicing fire fighting equipment, we provide annual maintenance of fire hydrant, refilling of extinguisher and repairing of fire alarm system.

Fire Safety Training across India

Installation of Fire fighting system is not a casual requirement to be fulfilled rather its a serious responsibility. We personally believe each and every individual should undergo fire fighting training and should be well aware of the fire safety systems. Every individual should atleast learn to use basic fire fighting equipment, therefore we also give basic training of Fire Safety Services across India. We help customers by providing primary information, basic knowledge, demonstration, and mock drill wherever needed.


A Fire Hydrant system is active fire fighting equipment used to douse fire in high-rise buildings and commercial complexes.


Fire Sprinkler systems are well designed to fight fire whenever there is no human presence around the place.


Fire Extinguishers are portable fire fighting equipment used to extinguish fire whenever in it’s 1st phase.


The Fire Alarm System is used to detect passive fire and make people alert in case of emergency and fire hazards.


Fire Suppression is used in server rooms where extra safety measurements are needed to be taken care.


First Aid is the primary requirement to be placed in industrial companies and areas where fire can affect Public Life.

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